Such are travelers, waiting to wake up to a dream. You could be one !!

We are the Dream Weavers, who for over three decades have been smitten by the un-exhausting beauty of this planet, discovering every nook and corner that would spell sensuality, breathe passion, narrate history, create romance and surprise you with life that you had heard of but never felt. 

In such trysts with this gorgeous and generous earth, we found the Indian sub continent, sprinkled over its vast landmass, an unusual variety of unique and exotic places that beckoned travelers, writers and poets, philosophers and adventurers to be captivated by its mystical air. There is a spirit here that defines the love of life, maybe carved on stone, or sung in the rippling rivers, or soaring into the sky as a pillar, or stretching its arms to welcome strangers in its heart as a palace, or arrogantly looking down at a city as a fort, or in paintings still pulsating with cultures of a time buried in history, or simply on the ground that seeps through your skin and propels you to sink in it, get absorbed and assimilated. A life spent to last a lifetime. A vacation to remember and inspire. 

From the testament of love in The Taj Mahal, to the definition of erotica in the temples of Khajuraho, this land has captured a detailed and well-sculpted social and cultural picture of the times it has lived through. In the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora, Konark Sun Temple, Meenakshi Temple and so many more. Each with its extra-ordinary and unique expression of a culture and art, that in due course of time has come to be masterpieces in the modern world. The only way to see them is with awe. And how many are there? We’re still not sure. Perhaps never will be.

In the endowments provided by nature, this subcontinent is boundless. Capped with mountains on top, flushed with waters of innumerable rivers and seas on both sides, dried by the sun in the west, thrown into the clouds in the east, cradled by light and rain in the south, and a belly that experiences it all at some time or the other. No respite for those adventures who like to probe the guts of nature, challenge its dominion or worship its power. From the Mt. Everest to the wild Himalayan white waters to the Royal Bengal tigers, Snow Leopards, Lions, One-Horned Rhinos, to the Camels and the Elephants. The land offers nature enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the womb of Mother Nature. With expertise arranged from around the subcontinent, we propose safaris and tours that can leave you with nature’s breath in your lungs forever.

And of course for the eternal romantics who wish to drench in the pomp and glory of an age gone by, to be pampered with the luxuries and services of royalties who once graced the corridors, there are these various exclusive palaces now recreated as hotels. Houseboats alluring enough to bring the moon down to its canopy. With such a tremendous variety of cultures and ethnicities, the Indian sub continent has been established as treasure-hunters delight. Kashmiri carpets, rugs, silks, brocades, hand-crafted jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, inlay marble and handicrafts. And with a little experience in shopping that can be gained in an hour, the bargains can really get you addicted to shopping. So those who wish to indulge, there may never be an end to their visit. Don’t blame us; we only get you to the treasure island.

Everybody has a personal purpose to travel, but if you want to find a purpose to travel, you come to the subcontinent. Not just the land, but the people, not just the temple but the philosophy, not just the fort but the glory, not just a visit but a legacy that you are bound to pass on. With tours fabricated with taste and passion, we vow to extend your imagination.

Our professional operators have designed packages based on experience and their own zest for exploration. You are invited to join our fleet of explorers to unfurl this panorama of wonders that we promise to make you fall in love with by the time you return. And return, you will….to India and the sub continent….

And now that I see the dream,
I wish for a day or more,
I gather all that I can steal,
But not enough to store ….

There is always a lot more to the enigma called India. And its subcontinent.

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